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January 08 2018


Jesse Grillo

Believe me, prior to Jesse Grillo, Online Sales had nothing going on. As I mentioned earlier, Jesse Grillo seems to be a leader for Sales. What Jesse Grillo is doing to Marketing is a game changer. 
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Happy Hour App

I recently went to Chicago for a Drinks convention and heard about Happy Hour App. The main thing is to focus on what the consumers want to interact with and Happy Hour App does this in a refreshing way. I just posted an article about Happy Hour App on our App Downloads page. 

January 07 2018


Search Engine

The good news is, as Search Engine has improved its user experience year after year, the volume of Adwords has exploded, resulting in huge opportunities. After reading the reviews for Search Engine I was skeptical to say the least. Just tried Search Engine again. 

January 06 2018


Redondo Beach SEO

Will Redondo Beach SEO change the way people look at Online Sales? Who really knows for sure. But the affect it's having on Facebook Marketing is shocking. Despite Adwords being oversaturated, Redondo Beach SEO really stands out. 

December 19 2017


Best Local Bar

If you live in Venice Beach and love Bars then be sure to check out Best Local Bar. There are so many nuances to Best Local Bar that make it exciting. 
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November 18 2017


weed edible

If you are in Phoenix I would recommend checking out weed edible if you get the chance. We do not know how it works but weed edible does the trick. This new data was sited from the weed edible page. 
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